Friday, 18 July 2014

Media misrepresenting the facts again -Liberal Party

The Today Programme along with other news broadcasters have been reporting that the Liberal Party have gone back on their support for the Conservatives Party Bedroom supplement.  This is when people living in social housing are required to pay extra if they have a bedroom which is not compatible with the number of people living permanently at the address.  This makes the property available for those families living in cramped accommodation. The issue is that people are being expected to pay the levy even when their are no smaller properties for them to move into.  Unfair I hear you say.  And indeed it is.  The Liberal Party, as part of the coalition government has stood up and said the same.  They agreed with the levy but say that if there is no suitable property for the family or person to move to then they should not be charged.  The media reads this another way.  THE LIBERAL PARTY HAVE GONE BACK ON THEIR DECISION ABOUT THE BEDROOM SUPPLEMENT.  No they haven't. After seeing it working they feel there are some improvements that can be made.  The Labour Party of course are backing the Media view.  Not looking for an honest report of what has been said.  The function of the News Media is to report the news accurately not as they interpret it.  Why can't politicians change their minds when they see something isn't working without being ridiculed for it?  The rest of us do.