Friday, 2 October 2015

Roseburg shootings

I'm sitting in Roseburg Oregon as reports of the shootings come in at Umpqua Commuity College.  Nothing surprises us anymore does it? The issue of gun control continues to be debated. The plea goes out from the gun lovers that as responsible citizens they shouldn't have laws thrust upon them when they are not to blaim.  Freedom for the individual and less control from government is the shout yet again.
When will these individuals start to analyse this statement.  On this principal all laws are useless.  Any law that goes against an individual's wishes must be a bad law using this principal.  Let's get rid of all road law because I don't like red lights. I should have the right to crash the light because it affects my right as an individual.
Until these ' head in the sand' individuals get the message that if you want all the benefits of the society we live in - health care, education, law enforcement - then you have to accept that some laws will restrict your activities as an individual and in this case it's owning a rapid fire machine gun or multiple guns to start with.  Get the message you gun lovers