Thursday, 6 February 2014

London Tube Strike

First of all why the gap in posts well found myself in North Wales and 3G is not that plentiful.  Now back to what I was going to talk about
Why does Nick Robinson not ask an accurate Vox Pop question. When Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) was asked how strikes on the Tube could be avoided he responded by saying that there should be a need that over 50% of those balloted must say yes to the strike   When Nick Robinson from BBC News asked people in the street about the strike  his question was "how would you feel about legislation being introduced that would make strikes illegal" Of course the majority said they did not agree  The Medias aim is to create conflict manufactured by them where no conflict exists.  If the question had been asked " How do you feel about 50% being set as a threshold" I am absolutely convinced the answer would have been different.  But yet again the media  controls the information we get fed. Inaccurate information at that.  The media must be held to account.