Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The British Floods

The floods around Britain are a Lifeline for a Media stuck for stories.  Here's another opportunity to blame anybody in authority when in fact the problem is the weather.  They can't have a rant at Nature.  The constant issue being raised that the government needs to do more.  This is a "State of Emergency". Record levels of rain.  Just because an area was flooded last year does not mean to say it will flood this year.  It's the same when we have snow.  The moaners come out of the woodwork to say why don't we have better and bigger machinery to deal with snowfall.  The answer is clearly given this year when snow moving machines are sitting idle this winter.  Some of the public and the media always like to pick up on things that they themselves cannot predict .  Spending millions on flood defences have taken place around Gloucester and other places at regular risk.  This has protected these areas. Very little mention of the work of the Environment Agency on the media about this work.  On another issue much of the flooding has been caused by these flood protection systems which simply move the problem further down stream.  Many of these places have been flooded since before Christmas.  Where was the media then.  No predictions from them at this point showing the "powers that be" that there was going to be a problem.  The government faced the same problem of not having a crystal ball.  The media should get behind the hard work of staff and volunteers and accept that this is a natural disaster.   They should be helping and not criticising and letting people who are obviously upset about the damage to their homes have a large amount of air time when what they say is tempered by their grief.  There have been far more houses and business's protected from flood water than have been flooded
Chris Ship on ITV news was interviewing Cameron and questioned him about Chris Smiths track record.  Cameroon quite rightly said the time for discussions about how things were handled would come after the disaster had been dealt with.  Mr Ship decided to interpret this as meaning that Lord Smith would be sacked.  What a waste of space these reporters are. DanRivers (appropriate name) said the people felt forgotten.  Maybe it was the media who had forgotten them since they picked other stories that they thought were more sensational but really less important earlier on in the disaster.