Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Local Authorities are the answer to schools

Not so long ago schools had Local Authority inspections as well as Advisors who helped those schools who needed support. That has all gone now. What we are left with is an assessment system (Oftsed) which acts as a big stick and no offer of support and help. How is a school supposed to improve when there is no local support for teachers and management. Whitehall cannot support schools all it can do is sack heads and governors and replace them instead of working with them. Bring back local advisors and inspections who know the schools and local situations so schools can be helped to grow and improve.  The Government seems to think all Local Authorities are left wing and no good.   How wrong can you be.  What they need to do is support Local Authorities and help them and by this means help schools. The  only way a school can get support is to pay for it now out of their tight budgets.  When the priority is not employing a new teacher or paying for an expensive consultant who knows little of the schools local situation I know if I was a Head teacher which I would pick