Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Middle Class is best

Staying on the education theme. A report states that white male working class students under achieve compared to those from other countries.  65% of male Asian  students from the same poor backgrounds achieve 5 A* to C grades at Gcse compared to 28% white working class boys? There have been lots of platitudes stated about how tough it is for them with no role models well whose faults that? Parents? Gone are the days when working class people aspired to be Middle Class.  Now they just shout insults at the Middle classes wanting to wallow in their own lack of ambition.  No ambition then no encouragement for their children to do well.  One commentator even had the cheek to say that all working class parents wanted their children's to do well at school.  I'm sure that is true but wanting them to do well and giving up some time to help them do well is another matter.  Many working class parents, and I'm talking about those who come into the group where pupils are underachieving, simply moan about the school and the teachers when in fact the problem lies with them but nobody is willing to tell them. Instead of parents wanting to improve themselves and move into the Middle class group they think that their lifestyle is as far as they should aspire to. That they wouldn't want to be Middle Class. Mainly because it's too difficult for them.  Bare in mind that Middle Class doesn't mean you earn a lot of money.  Many working class people earn more than Middle class couples.  The difference is what they do with their money. They save and prepare for the future while the people we are talking about spend it as it arrives.  Let's stop this fear of saying that Middle class is something to get rid off.  Middle class is something to aspire to and that's what these people lack. And no we can't get rid of all the classes and make everyone equal.  The world doesn't work that way whatever society you are in.