Thursday, 17 September 2015

European Crisis - displaced people

As the European crisis continues to grow and people move from their home countries to the haven that they see - Europe isn't it about time we stopped referring to these people as all Refugees.  They are not.

The media once again uses this catch all title to label all these people as individuals and families running away from conflict.  Yes some are, but some are economic migrants who all they have in their mind is making a better life from the one they had in their own country.  Many see it as a way of making a fast "buck".  We need to be sorting out the wheat from the chaff before these people get into Europe.  German has increased this problem further by having an open door policy which simply encourages these people to head "West Young Man. "

The incidents at the Hungarian border where Migrants are seen to be shouting orders for the Hungarians to open the gate is no way to get people to feel sorry for them.  Throwing rocks at the security forces? What do they expect when tear gas and water cannon are sent back at them.

Some of these people need our care and sympathy but the media is doing nothing to separate these people out.  They interview them as if they all had the same reasons for coming West.  They do not.

The little boy who was found drowned - it turns out his father was living in Turkey as an economic migrant.  He was perfectly safe and his family had joined him.  He wanted a better life for his family.  Well go through the appropriate channels to emigrate and then things might work out.

Germany aims to take over Europe since they have failed to win through 2 world wars so now they plan to create a Federated Europe with no boundaries that they will control.  Well now they are suffering the consequences of this plan. They also have a falling population which enables them to pick the highly skilled Migrants to boost their economy.  Unfortunately they are bringing misery on the other less wealthy countries in the EU by their open door policy.  Greece has enough problems with its economy without it being expected to manage this sudden influx of people. Germany says "All Syrians welcome".  What about the other hangers on from Bangladesh and other Eastern areas who feel Europe is paved with gold?  What will happen when these conflicts end?  Where will the young men be to help these countries rebuild themselves? They'll be in Europe having tasted the high life do you really think they will return? They media needs to start pointing these things instead of going for the sympathy vote all the time.  The true Refugees need a home and Britain is doing the right thing by taking them from the camps around Syria.

A usual the Media goes for the headline and ignores the full story