Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Long time no post - Post General Election

It's been some time since I put finger to keyboard and maybe I should have done prior to the General Election here in the UK.  I could have made a bit of money in saying who was going to win but to tell you the truth I wasn't convinced the British people would have the sense to see that the opposition, under the leadership of Ed Milliband, was not the answer to our financial troubles.  However, sense prevailed and the best party won even though I think their Education policy stinks.

We live in a society where Britain stands head and shoulders above other countries when it comes to innovation.  We hear the brains of the millennium telling us that jobs will disappear as AI takes over in the form of robots.  These jobs are seen to be those where people earn less that £30000 a year.  I would go further and say that some of the jobs we take for granted as being safe will also change to a point where fewer people will be needed to carry them out - how about repetitive surgical procedures where surgeons can operate remotely (appendicitis).

We need a new society that looks more at creativity than at memory.  This government continues to test and reward subjects that are deemed the core subjects (Maths, Eng and Science) Obviously these subjects are important and need to be within the core curriculum but what is happening is that educational establishments are not being encouraged to take on the creative subjects as they don't count as much.  They drop down the League Tables. The Baccalaureate is encouraged covering the subjects on Maths Science English, Modern Foreign Language, History or Geography.  Where's Art, the Crafts or Drama.  Where are the opportunities for pupils to show original thinking - the key to our society remaining top of the game.  Vocational subjects and Creative subjects need to be given an equal rating so a Plumbers qualifications can be seen on the same level as a degree course

All this comparison with other countries such as China is stupid.  China statistically takes its Maths results from a handful of city schools.  The schools in the country areas aren't included where the results are much poorer.  The Chinese and other Eastern countries haven't an original idea in their heads.  They are great at copying other people.

Don't lets get dragged down to becoming  an exam factory where we turn out vast numbers of A* in subjects that show no original thought.

Wake up Government and give us back the subjects we are noted for.