Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bonuses and business

To me a bonus is something given for exceptional service.  I have no objection to big bonuses as long as someone has earned it and does not get it just because everyone else is or it's written into a contract in place of a flat salary or as an excuse that this is the only way we can get the "right" people for the job.  I've just listened to the news where a reporter on "You and Yours" was pressing a boss of British Rail as to whether he was going to accept his bonus when there had been a number of accidents at level crossings.  Assuming there was no negligence on behalf of British Rail in maintaining the crossing, which there was no suggestion that there was, why should the boss be blaimed because people cannot use level crossing safely.  Plenty of warnings, flashing lights etc and yet people still choose to ignore them.  Blaim the users and stop trying to create mischief and trying to get people doing their jobs to give up what they may deserve if the criteria explained at the beginning has been fulfilled.  I'm sure I'll have something to add about Bankers but leave that for another day.