Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Comment on news and media as I see it

I'm so fed up with listening to the media forcing their opinions on us all and twisting the real news that I felt I had to intervene and try and put the other side of the story.  I don't expect the media to be interested since they are the target for my comments and in some cases rants.
The news media was created way back in the mists of the time and their role was to deliver the news.  No longer is that the focus the media is there to sell something and in most cases it's opinion and not news.  Radio 4 "Today" programme is one of the worst perpetrators of this with people like Robert Peston and Nick Robinson passing comment as Fact.  Many listeners and viewers treat their comments as fact and not opinion.  What right have they to have more of a public opinion than the rest of us.  Ok we need opinion to help us make up our own minds but not under the banner of news and in particular BBCNews which is meant to be impartial.
Well that's a start and most of the comments here will be short.  Whether anybody else reads them and comments remains to be seen.  
At least it makes me feel better.