Friday, 31 January 2014

Phone Hacking Sienna Miller

Those sooner those journalistic animals are brought to book the better.  The News of the World court case continues to rumble on.  Oh how I love to see the defendants in the dock getting a taste of their own medicine as they run the gauntlet of the Photographers.  However, that's not the main reason for this post it's the fact that the Media continues to report on personal details of Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig.  Who cares if one texted the other in a personal way. What right had the dependents to hack into their phones and publish stories with impunity?  The Media continues to report the personal details to the trial under the heading of Public Interest". Should that read " In the interest of making profits  at the expense of others".Surely this is just as bad as the work News  of the World scum were doing?
The media again sees itself above the law unfortunelty it's not against the law YET.  Come on Levison