Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A firemans lot is not a happy one.

A recent report in the media comments on the fact that a woman had called out the fire brigade to rescue her cockatoo from a tree outside her house.  The fire brigade attended and the matter was resolved without a problem.  The news media decided to focus on information they had put together that the the whole activity had cost £4000 and that this was a total waste.  How is it that money is the favourite weapon of the news media.  Can I ask how they came to this figure?  The only cost as far as I can see was the fuel for the fire engine and maybe wear and tear on the engine itself.  Certainly nothing like £4000.  Oh I hear the media cry what about the firemen's wages?  Can I ask what these firemen would have been doing if not called out?  We would have been paying them to play snooker and cards as well as drinking endless amounts of tea. What a set of con artists the media are?  Let's sensationalise a non story.