Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Press are called to account

The trial of Rebekah Brooke's, the News of the World editor, continues.  The story has been rolling on for months and how nice it is to see these people get a taste of their own medicine when they come out of court. The Paparazzi  hound them as they make there way to their cars.  I wonder how they feel now about the way they have encouraged these animals to try and get that one picture that will sell a few more papers.  One of the main defence arguments appears to be that Rebekah Brooke's knew nothing of the phone hacking that was going on in the name of her paper.  Do I hear this correctly? She even has the audacity to say she didn't know phone hacking was illegal? Is this woman real?  She was running one of the largest newspapers in Britain (thankfully the paper is no more) and says she doesn't know the legal issues surrounding the acquisition of information.  How many times have I heard publishers of newspaper say that no matter what goes wrong in a business the buck stops at the top.  The Managing Director should resign we hear because he or she failed to monitor what was going on.  Maybe we could save a lot of money on this trial by simply stopping it now.  As far as I'm concerned Rebekah Brooks has admitted her guilt in this matter by being totally unaware of the things she is responsible for.   These vile tabloids have got to be taught a lesson and the sooner Ms Brooke's realises she is not immune to the legal processes the rest of us have to abide by the better.