Thursday, 6 March 2014

BBC reporter Jon Kay gets it wrong again

Yet again BBC reporters get it wrong and it's the second occasion for this reporter, Jon Kay.   Reporting from the Somerset levels, which has been hit by serious flooding, Kay made  reference  to a proposal being put forward to protect the area from future flooding. The plan will cost around £100 million.  Whether this is money is well spent is another matter but more to the point Kay then made reference to the Prime Minster who at a previous visit had said that there would be no limit to the money needed to be spent to rescue the  people of the area from the present disaster. Kay decided to twist this comment to make better copy by saying the proposed plan would be a test of the Prime Minister as to whether he would honour the costs or not.  WRONG.  The PM had referred to the present crisis not to future protection.  Anyone only hearing this report would take it on face value.  The standards of journalism in this country go from bad to worse.  While on this matter reference has also been made to the £17 million supposedly cut from the environment agency and the adverse effect this will have on flood defences.  I refer readers to the fact that money has been cut from the police force and crime has actually gone down.  It's not the money that makes the only difference it's the people working in these agencies and if by cutting funding the agency works more efficiently then bring it on.  Funny how the complaints about cuts to the police force budgets have gone quiet now the evidence is in.  Nothing being shouted from the media on that